My name is Justin and you're like hot.
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I don’t have a vagina

Anonymous asked: My vagina also hurts and it fucking sucks

the struggle is real

what songs should I learn for the piano I’m bored

my vagina hurts

misscumnoodles asked: Really? You looked older that's cool though highschools not too bad

idk why everyone tells me I look older I think I still look young bc I still have baby fat on my cheeks

lvkehemmo1996 asked: You look like you could be a Sophomore.

that’s only a year ahead but there’s some other freshmen I saw today that looked like they could be 35 with a 401k

Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey


greasy face selfie frick yeah

i’d to address the elephant in the room. yes I am calum hood

misscumnoodles asked: Freshman like highschool or college?

high school

they messed up my schedule and instead of putting me in Spanish they put me in French and I heard French is a lot harder and also the only thing I’d be remotely interested in learning in French is the transition in Partition by Beyonce

greasy face selfie frick yeah

there’s a meme at my school


I have a freshman orientation today wish me luck

idk why I asked you for luck bc I didn’t even need it I was with my friends and got free doughnuts and iced coffee lmao

My id picture makes me look like the poster board model for one of those shady HIV test websites but at least I made some cute friends

I have a freshman orientation today wish me luck